HDMI ver2.0 Transmitter IP SLISHDMIT(Link)/SLIPHDMITC (Phy)

General Description

SLISHDMIT IP is a LINK layer includes the transmitter function with HDCP 2.2 based on HDMI standard version 2.0b, and it will enable HDMI transmission by combining with 6G TMDS Transmitter PHY IP (SLIPHDMITC IP).
It transmits high-quality digital audio and video data output by devices such as BD players or set-top boxes(STB) using an uncompressed format.
The HDMI standard version 2.0b implements copy protection using HDCP2.2.

HDMI2.0 TXLINK IP Overview

- High-Definition Multimedia Interface(HDMI) standard version 2.0b/1.4b compliant
- 4K2K/60Hz resolution support
- HDCP1.4/2.2 support
- 3D format(Frame Packing/Side-by-Side Half/Top & Bottom) support

HDMI2.0 TXPHY IP Overview

- High-Definition Multimedia Interface(HDMI) standard version 2.0b/1.4b compliant
- Clock range : 25-600MHz
- Built in Band Gap Reference (BGR), PLL, Serializer
- PADS cell includes ESD protection circuit
- Built in termination resistor
- Receiver sense function
Detect the presence or absence of HDMI Sink equipment

Video Input Interface

-Support CEA-861F/VESA DMT (*1) video format
16bit : YCbCr422 (8bit x 2)
20bit : YCbCr422 (10bit x 2)
24bit : YCbCr422 (12bit x 2), RGB/YCbCr444 (8bit x 3)
30bit : RGB/YCbCr444 (10bit x 3)
36bit : RGB/YCbCr444 (12bit x 3)

*1 There are some unsupported format at VESA DMT

Audio Input Interface

-3 wired serial interface(I2S/left justified/right justified) LPCM: 8 ch
DSD: 8 ch, HBR compliant
IEC 60958/IEC 61937 compliant


- 3.3V/1.1V(0.9V)


- Color space conversion support
ITU-R BT.601/709/2020 Non Const/RGB Full/RGB Limit/xvYCC
(Not support with ITU-R BT.2020 Const)

- YCbCr422 to YCbCr420 conversion support

- TMDS Deep color support
8/10/12bit (*2)

- Signal generator function
It can transmit any video signal using the input pixel clock by internally generated.

CEC hard engine support

- Technology node

*2 Deep color is supported when the maximum rate is less than 6Gbps/channel.

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