HDMI Ver2.1 Receiver IP SLIFHDMIR21TM28

General Description

The SLIFHDMIR21TM28 provides a complete single-link HDMI receiver function complies with HDMI specification version 2.1.
The SLIFHDMIR21TM28 consists of two modules,a physical layer (PHY) and a link module. The PHY is upper compatible with DVI receiver, and implemented as a hard IP based on an TSMC 28nm HPC+ process, while the link module is implemented as a synthesizable soft IP. Built-in High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) cipher function protects the transmission of audiovisual content.





■HDMI version 2.1 compliant sink function
■Supports CTA-861G(Max 8K30Hz Size)/VESA DMT
■Supports Dynamic HDR, FRL, VRR and Fast Vactive
■Wide range channel speed up to 12Gbps
■Color Space : ITU-R BT.601/709/2020
 Non Const/RGB Full/RGB Limit/xvYCC Convert
■HDCP revision 1.4/2.2 compliant content protection
■Programmable PLL characteristics, channel delay,
 and on-chip terminator.
■Host I/F : AMBA APB Protocol Specification
 v2.0(32bit)/I2C(NORMAL/FAST Mode)
■TSMC 28nm HPC+ process
■0.9V/1.8V/3.3V power supply

Key features

■Fully compatible with HDMI version2.1 Receiver
 HDMI1.4b/HDMI2.0b/HDMI2.1 Compliant (Support FRL(Fixed Rate Link)/
■EM(Extended Metadata)packet), 3Lane(3Gbps/6Gbps)/4Lane(6Gbps/8Gbps)
■CTA-861G(Max 8K30Hz Size)/VESA DMT
■Band width : 250Mbps~12Gbps/ch
■VRR(Variable Refresh Rate)
■Fast Vactive
■Dynamic HDR
■Color Space :
 ITU-R BT.601/709/2020 Non Const/RGB Full/ RGB Limit/xvYCC Convert
■Deep Color : 8/10/12bit
■Host I/F : AMBA APB Protocol Specification v2.0(32bit)/I2C(NORMAL/FAST Mode)

Notes to Users

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4. This technical document was provisionally created during development of 
 SLIFHDMIR13UM130, so there is a possibility of differences between it and
 the product’s final specifications. When designing circuits using 
 SLIFHDMIR13UM130, be sure to refer to the final technical documents.

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